Friday, March 6, 2009

No Solid Leadership on the Right

It's hard not to like Michael Steele. As a conservative Mexican, I can relate to him on a very deep level. I know how much the establishment hates us, and fights to undermine and demonize us. I am listening to him host Bill Bennett's radio show, and again I find myself liking the man. But I also liked what used to seem like a genuine honesty and sincerity in Barack Obama. But Obama's numerous lies and broken promises revealed (to me at least) the Chicago politician I now believe Obama to be. Michael Steel's first big blunder happened this week when he made his caustic remarks about Rush (a guy I am ambivalent about myself). So far the episode reveals more about Steele's ability to lead than any real rift between him and Rush. Where he goes from here is critical. So far he has not shown the flexibility, verbal skill, and quick wittedness necessary for the position of leading the republican party or even rebranding the party.

Listening to him I do feel like he could become that man- he just needs to learn to anticipate his opponents better. A few years in academia would have helped, as he could have learned to see and understand the Left better, which would have enable him to have better responses that reveal the weaknesses and hypocrisies of the Left. He is eloquent and comes off as a very genuine and likable man. Obama used to have the same effect on me, but his dishonesty has destroyed the charm. Steele needs to demonstrate that the Rush incident was a one time thing, and that he is not just another phony politician like Obama. It's up to him. Right now, the only real conclusions we have on the Right is that we have a vacuum in leadership.

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