Saturday, March 21, 2009

I always liked the circus but...

At this point in the New New Deal we can stop talking about ideological differences and start talking about simple competency. If the Obamateur,as Mark Steyn refers to him, was referring to his Congress and his administration when he made his Special Olympics comment he might have had a point... The media does treat democrats as if they were "special." Rush that stimulus through at the urging of the president and forget that AIG lobbyist, er senator, Dodd added that "special" language to it that you didn't read Mr President? That's ok, here's a cookie and a couple more adoring biographies. Be incompetent enough to give Gordon Brown a DVD set encoded for North America? Don't worry, we know, you're special. Did your big wig economist say that the fundamentals of the economy are "sound"- almost exactly what you ridiculed Senator McCain for a few months back? Well, we understand that you struggle with the similarities between the words "strong" and "sound."

The only problem is that real "special" people are genuinely likable and decent people. Like many kids growing up I was a little unnerved by people with Downs Syndrome, but my best friend had an aunt with Downs and through him and her I learned first to be comfortable, and then to enjoy people with Downs. They are some of the most likable and beautiful people you will ever meet. Not so our with our "special" leaders. They run our country like carnival hucksters taking our cash at the door and leaving town when we realize they painted stripes on a donkey and called it a zebra. You can put lipstick on a pig, but its stilla pig right? So why aren't we enjoying this circus? Because we aint getting our money's worth. These clowns aren't funny.

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