Friday, February 13, 2009


Utopianism has long been a hope and dream of western civilization. Primarily a vision of the Left, I think it is safe to ask ourselves if many of our fellow Americans have finally reached that final stage of Enlightenment and entered Nirbama.

Let us recap. The new president has had more than his fair share of self- induced problems. We can only hope his ever changing cabinet may finally settle down in the next couple of years... probably just in time for the taped phone conversations between Rahm Immanuel and Hot Rod Blago to go live. His deer in the headlights "trade war?! What's a trade war" moment kicked us off towards the reconciliation and global respect we lost during the Bush years, and his unconstitutional power grab for the census has yet to shake the faithful. The New Republic has declared conservatism dead, presumably slain by St Barack. Bushitler's Secretary of War obviously was redeemed from his evil master, presumably in private medition with The One. Why else would he remain close to The One? Even though The One keeps his secrets we know it must be for our great good.

This is because he has indeed led huge numbers of the nation into a new stage of enlightenment: Nirbama is Now. Medical professionals and mystics have discovered a causal relation between Bush Derangement Syndrome and Nirbama; the stronger the case of BDS the quicker the transition into Nirbama. What is Nirbama? A unique and highly enlightened state of mind. No less an authority than Gautama Buddha himself declared that the origin of suffering is ignorance. The greatest ignorance is not knowing the true nature of reality and entering a stage of self detachment from what we westerners would call reality. It seems that followers of The One Dalaibama have discovered a unique form of detachment from reality.

Remember the Buddha's teaching:
  • Anicca (Sanskrit: anitya): That all things are impermanent.
  • Anatta (Sanskrit: anātman): That the perception of a constant "self" is an illusion.
  • Dukkha (Sanskrit: duḥkha): That all beings suffer from all situations due to unclear mind.
Clearly "facts" are part of the impermanent. No longer ignorant to passing fancies called "facts" those who have entered Nirbama suffer from no unclear thoughts.Free from illusion they can follow The One in spite of the tyranny called Reality. Enter Nirbama and drink from the waters of Understanding.

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