Monday, February 9, 2009

Gay Horse Poetry?

Academia has been down the rabbit hole for a really long time. In their feverish hysteria to be transgressive and avante garde they continue to sink further and further into abject stupidity. We are currently in a stage of infinite regress ever seeking some new low. And no matter how many Churchills, Bellesiles, Duke scandals, et al we have we only pretend that there is no iceberg below the water. Like Christian Scientists or hyper pentecostals we refuse to let reality intrude.

Gay horse poetry you may ask? The phrase comes from a friend (the same guy who wrote the story) and an English class he was in. The class was writing short fiction and a girl wrote a vivid description of currying her horse. He and another guy saw a great opportunity for a new genre, hence the sobriquet "gay horse poetry." They were mocking their professor and posited the question what if horses were gay and felt repressed and marginalized? Maybe they too need an outlet, a voice, a stage, an audience to sympathize? The phrase embodies both the tendency on the left to hyperventilate if any minority group is under represented, and their less than rational knee jerk response to blame failure on racism and bigotry. Since then the phrase has become a sort of catch all for anything insanely stupid the Left wing Establishment throws out there. "Sounds like gay horse poetry to me."

Since I work in academia I find myself in a lot of gay horse poetry moments. We talk ad nauseum about diversity and multiculturalism, but everything on campus always ends up coming from a western leftist perspective. Years ago someone noticed that black students weren't getting high enough grades to get into elite universities. So... let's lower the standards and call it affirmative action. The result? Black college students weren't able to perform and compete in those elite unversities and had a high drop out rate. Let's create disciplines called ethnic studies! The result? No one is hiring black graduates, because no one knows what an ethnic studies major does. But it must be institutionalized racism again. Couldn't be the fact that we never went back and asked black high schoolers to learn reading, writing, and arithmatic... Of course black students are worse off than before, but that's not our fault! Gay Horse Poetry policy in action. The word "committee" has become an institutionalized Gay Horse Poetry moment in and of itself. One of my favorites Gay Horse Poetry events is "conflict resolution training." In Mexico we call that cock fighting, but then academia is not quite diverse enough for that aspect of Mexican culture. Bad little brown brother.

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