Friday, February 20, 2009

Nation of Cowards

Eric Holder was right, but it took a chimp to prove it. No, I am not calling Holder a chimp. Because of the "cowards" running our social and cultural institutions no one can say anything that could be remotely construed as racial. Travis the now cold dead, Xanax (the owner now denies giving him Xanax) popping chimp didn't exactly choose to go all gansta in order to garner publicity as some of his other colleagues in Hollywood often do in order to salvage a lagging career. No, his Hollywood rage-athon seems to have come quite naturally.

Thus, some clever cartoonist sees an opportunity to mock a stimulus package most of the nation dislikes, and the cowards come out in droves. I thought we were post racialist? Can't someone make jokes about chimps running the country? Heck, in California they would probably be better off letting the inhabitants of the Sacramento Zoo run the state. At least chimps understand the fiscal impact of a banana shortage... You can't really blame Al Sharpton. At this point in his life his responses are completely pavlovian and involuntary. Someone puts blackened catfish on the menu and old Al is on the case.

This highlights a generational problem. For Al, racism really was peeking around every corner. For today's youth, it isn't. But the cowards are running the zoo, and keep promoting the Ward Churchills of the world to positions of power. The cowardice stems from our elites inability to see that they actually won the battle and can move on. Instead, dozens of faculty members at Duke sign their name to a full page newspaper ad condemning the Lacrosse team before the police have finished the investigation. The New York Times removes their first reporter on the case because his investigations aren't getting the a priori Jayson Blair storyline. Well, put someone in who will write the story we know must be true. Facts?! We dont need no stinking facts!

Holder was right. Academia is a place of abject racial cowardice. So too is the media, the entertainment industry, the publishing industry, and every other cultural center of power. No matter how many times they are wrong, they keep the same race baiting game going because their power over us, and over minorities in particular, depends on it. Travis- the racial martyr. All hail post-racial America.

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