Monday, March 22, 2010

Feeling like he has a grip on Health Care Reform, President Obama now wants to legalize millions of illegal aliens. The abject stupidity of such a notion is beyond belief. The only way he could hope to make social medicine affordable is to kick out all illegal immigrants. All of those wonderful social systems in Europe and to the north of us have draconian immigration policies that keep third world immigrants from driving up the cost of socialized medicine. But trying to legalize 12-20 million Latin Americans is like pouring gasoline all over your house and then sitting down for a cigarette afterwards.

It is a mix that we cannot afford. But the president is so clueless about Latin America and Mexico specifically that he has chosen to push this now- right after ensuring every illegal that they will get free AMERICAN health care if they choose to rush the border. It is almost as if he wants to destroy the American economy. No, I don't go in for conspiracy theory and that's not what I believe. He is sincere and means well- he's also just incredibly naive and ignorant.

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