Friday, February 19, 2010

We lost another future professor

If Joe Stack was a leftist bomber in the tradition of Bill Ayers he could have reasonably expected to obtain a well paying tenured position some 20 years later- had he survived. If he was a leftist he could have expected his story to die down rather quickly like Amy Bishop. But since he might be a right wing nut job, we can expect his story to dominate media- at least until evidence turns up that he's not a right- winger, at which point we can expect the story to suffer sudden death.

Does anybody even care anymore? Major Hasan can run around killing more people than Joe shouting "Allahu Akbar" and the establishment will have poignant moments wondering as to what the source of his murderous hate... hmm, pre-traumatic stress syndrome sounds nice. Couldn't have anything to do with those Muslim extremist he associated with. Amy Bishop goes berserk and the story is dead before it hits the air. Bill Ayers is reformed. But some nut job flies a plane into the IRS and leaves what may be a right wing suicide note, and we've got a serious problem! This Newsweek blog entry is hilarious. Does anyone even know how many acts of domestic terrorism environmental extremists commit each year? In 1985 alone over 11,000 trees were spiked just in British Colombia. Even the book I linked to argues that tree spiking is relatively benign because environmentalists always let lumber companies know where they have spiked... sure. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!" But we really have to worry about 1 lone deranged lunatic even though environmental extremists demonstrate the organization and intellectual committment more often associated with the term "terrorism." Finding any date about environmental extremism is next to impossible because the Media and Academia don't care how people get killed by them. The western establishment shows no signs of returning to reality any time soon, and I am more and more conviced that they will not no matter what happens. They would rather see the West die and a Global Caliphate enacted than give up their precious ideologies.

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