Monday, June 22, 2009

Absentee Fathers and Absentee Leaders

As an anti-establishment minority living deep in the heart of establishment America, I have often felt deep sympathy for the president. Not because I agree with him about many things, but because he is a victim. Not in the sense that the establishment thinks of victimhood, but rather in the sense that he is a victim of the low expectations produced by multiculturalism and our hyper racial culture.

You see, minorities have low expectations. We are taught that we are always victims, people without power. Without power we cannot be expected to perform the same way white Americans do, we cannot be expected to achieve the same results. We are taught that responsibility belongs to someone else. This is why black fathers are absent in the home. I have been nagged for years now wondering why absenteeism was not as prevalent in generations prior to the sixties but that as multiculturalism and leftist racial theory spread so too did absenteeism. It's worse in black culture than anywhere, because they have been the focus of leftist cultural theory.

It's not black Americans fault. They are only at fault in giving in to a deceptively attractive theory about their victimhood and responsibility. Sadly, in the past they were victims of racism, today they are victims of racialism. Even worse, President Obama is steeped in that very racialism and multiculturalism that has so deeply damaged black culture. Raised by caucasians, schooled in private schools Obama went through a very obvious identity crisis. The same one many minorities (myself included) go through as a result of our society's obsession with skin color. The president had to consciously find "blackness", because he had been so separated from black America most of his life.

Where did he find it? In college, In Franz Fanon and other hyper racialists. Both his books detail a very clear and focused exploration and acceptance of leftist racial theories. Ironically, Academia is the source of all the worst and most damaging theories to minorities these past 20 years. I can remember the pressure to conform to some "authentic" form of Latino, or Native American culture. "Authentic" as defined, of course, by the leftist establishment. I remember the racial guilt forced on white friends and the rest of the absurdities that president Obama accepted and supported in his understandable quest for identity.

We all know the story. Europeans are responsible for the world's evil. Imperialism, slavery, and oppression. The rest of us are powerless victims. The problem is that we have become powerless in too many ways. We abrogate responsibility for our lives, actions, and decisions. It's all the white man's fault, racism, etc. So we lack those fundamental character building experiences that made past black Americans so noble and dignified. Suffering can produce dignity and strength or it can produce brittle decay. Just compare Louis Armstrong and 50 Cent. It all depends on the attitude and mentality of the sufferer. Fighting against the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" has always refined men and brought out the best in us, regardless of race, creed, or class. This is why the Iranian protesters resonate so deeply in us. The Founding Fathers were right about certain universal human needs, and we are drawn to the courage and heroism of our Iranian friends, because they refuse victimhood and have shown us the better angels of our nature. Their suffering has produced courage long lacking in American youth and culture. It has produced clear minded leadership in the face of unimaginable evil and impossible odds.

So where is our leader? The same place he was when Russia invaded Georgia: confused and sidelined, because his formative years were insulated by years of well intentioned racialism. He never had the chance to develop the requisite character to stand with the Iranian people. Academia also insulated him from the other way of developing his character, because academia has been deconstructing nobility and dignity as virtues since the sixties. Sophisticated postmoderns have mocked our traditional understanding of "virtue" and consciously attempted to undermine all judeo-christian, western ethics, leaving us with little more than cynicism. Remeber how our intellectuals mocked former president Bush's naive "axis of evil"? Youth especially are deeply sceptical of anything smacking of universal truth. Global Warming gets them more animated than images of their fellow man heroically resisting a brutal and evil regime. And Obama is their president. So it seems the president does not have the intellectual, ethical, or cultural foundation to "see" real challenges, much less lead us through them. He has failed so far on every major challenge, and I would guess that most Americans feel as unled as I do.

President Obama is an absentee leader, a victim of the well intentioned racialism of the left wing establishment. By removing all challenges and barriers for him the left has left his character unprepared for the real challenges of life just as they have done to so many black males who abrogate their responsibilities as fathers. It is no coincidence that black Americans have the highest absentee rate, while being ground zero for the forces of multiculturalism. It is no coincidence that our first black president is an absentee leader.

It is a tragedy, because while I disagree with the president, I want him to succeed and lead us, even if it is not where I want to be led. Moreover, I believe he actually has somewhere inside of him many nascent qualities so many great leaders had. But he has never been through the fire needed to develop those qualities. The sick and twisted reality is that his fawning and adoring media are- again- insulating him from the very experiences he needs. By turning everything he does into some kind of genius, some great triumph too sublime for us commoners to comprehend, they keep him from developing the character and virtue he needs to meet the challenges America now faces. They cement his absentee role all the more, and insulate him from that greatest teacher Failure.

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