Monday, May 4, 2009

Conservatives need to communicate fast

Techdirt has another post whose foundational argument is more conservative than the author probably knows. The problem is that conservatives don't know and won't figure out how to communicate fast enough to help the tech community realize that they fit better in the conservative camp than the leftist camp.

The post is about the health care industry and even though the author doesn't explicitly use the fact that Merck helped Elsevier create a fake peer-reviewed journal to argue for socialized medicine the argument is implicit, because the author has leftism built in as a default mechanism. Like PCs forced to run Vista, the tech community doesn't realize that there are other alternatives.

Here are the key sentences:

"Of course, this is exactly the sort of thing that you can do when everything is locked up and proprietary, rather than open (emphasis added). There's almost no way to confirm or check the data or information to make sure it's legit, so people tend to assume it is."

The author has no idea that he just made a central conservative argument. Sounds like a post from National Review, right? Wrong, the author has no options for following through on his conservative thought. Instead, the author will default to a leftist interpretation that doesn't fit the author's deepest help notions and beliefs. This is where conservatives should be stepping in- but aren't because they are too busy talking to themselves about how tech savvy they need to be...

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